Daikin VRV III C siltumsūknis



VRV III C, RTSYQ-PA Kad prioritāte ir apsilde, nepieļaujot kompromisus attiecībā uz efektivitāti (-25 ° C)  28-63 kW


VRV III C siltumsūknis, optimāli pielāgots sildīšanai

›› Automātiskā dzesētāja uzpilde
›› Refrigerant containment check
››Night quiet mode
›› Low noise function
›› Reluctance brushless DC compressor
›› Sine wave DC inverter
››DC fan motor
›› E-pass heat exchanger
›› I demand function

High COP at low ambients
The use of two stage compression technology
results in improved energy saving performance at
low ambients, with a COP of more than 3.0 at -10°C
outdoor ambient for the entire range.

Plašs apkures darbības diapazons

VRVIII-C has a standard operation range down to
-25 °CWB outdoor ambient in heating and can also
provide cooling down to – 5 °CDB outdoor ambient.

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Divpakāpju saspiešana

Two stage compression technology enables the system to create
higher pressures resulting in a higher heating capacity under low
ambient conditions. The second inverter compressor (located in the
function unit) is specially designed to provide higher pressures.
After heat is exchanged in the indoor unit, gas and liquid are
separated at the gas-liquid separator. This enables the refrigerant in
gas condition to be recovered and transmitted direct to the high
pressure compressor.