Unico Inverter 2,3-2,7kW.

Unico Inverter 9SF, Unico Inverter 12SF, Unico Inverter 9HP, Unico Inverter 12HP


The UNICO INVERTER technology , thanks to the costant control of the motor speed adapt the power to the actual conditions of the room. Thus, the motor always runs at the minimum speed adequate to the punctual condition set in the room.In this way the energy saving is maximized as well as the comfort.

The UNICO INVERTER range is all in double A energy class and they are available also with heat pump function. The heat pump equipped versions insure the all-year-round efficient comfort

The inverter range is equipped with a double-filtering system :
– electrostatic filter : it removes small particles such as smoke, dust, pollen, pet hair to prevent allergic reactions
– activeted carbon filter : it eliminates bad odours and inactivate any harmful gas that may be present


Two Power models : 2,3 kW – 2,7 kW
Available in two versions : SF (only cooling) – HP (heat pump)
Double class A
Refrigerant gas R410A*
Installation versatility: high or low wall installation.
Easy to install: Unico can be installed in a few minutes.
Wireless wall control (optional)
Wide flap for uniform air distribution in the room
Multi-function remote control
24h timer

*hermetically sealed equipment containing fluorinated gas


Economy function: enables energy saving, automatically optimizing the performance of the unit
Ventilation only function
Dehumidification only function
Auto function: adjusts operation parameters based on ambient temperature
Sleep function: gradually increases set temperature and ensures reduced noise level for greater comfort during the night.
Condense vaporizing function: in the cooling mode the condense is vaporized without the need of any pipe